ERP that Fits

Dec 20, 2022

You dreamed that your ERP would integrate your entire business operation into one easy-to-use system. TwinEngines makes that dream a reality.

The reality is that ERP software falls short as a one-size-fits-all solution. Your business must adapt your operations to the software instead of the software supporting the way you do business.

ERP in a vertical world – The limitations of ERP systems stem from the vertical nature of manufacturing and industrial service processes. Running a bottling line is different than printing billboards or shipping fruit baskets. Every business has a unique way of doing things. Every business has accounts receivable, but the 100 variables to initiate and complete a job are always different.

TwinEngines extends your ERP – Your ERP is vital to managing and integrating the important parts of your business. TwinEngines makes it possible for your ERP to do more – to connect to your workflows.

Within every manufacturing and industrial services business, certain processes are unique to your business: These areas may include:

  • Company/Industry-Specific
    (Estimating, Product Configuration, Scheduling, Data Collection)
  • Compliance and Regulatory
  • Flexibility, Market Pressures, Changing Technology
  • Unique Business Structure
  • Unique Business Model

Our Hybrid Approach – While customization is important to a successful ERP solution, a hybrid approach extends your ERP’s flexibility. The manufacturing workflow needs its own system (in addition to the ERP) to manage all the steps from quoting a job to shipping finished product. TwinEngines has developed a flexible technology platform to automate your business operations and integrate with your existing or new ERP system.

Competitive Advantage – The TwinEngines Technology Platform connects to your ERP to function as a seamless, unified system. Everyone in your business is connected; all functions communicate; changes and updates ripple through the entire system; and workers stay abreast of their areas of responsibility.  Bottom line, your technology platform forms the core of your business operations and delivers your competitive advantage.

Simplify the Learning Curve – The TwinEngines approach maps the technology platform to the way you do business. Because your workers are used to a particular set of steps, TwinEngines can model those steps into the system design. This workflow-friendly approach greatly enhances user adoption and minimizes the downtime and cost of training.

We work with a broad range of systems  – We are experienced integrating ERP, CRM and financial systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Visual, Epicor, Infor, Macola, Salesforce, Red Prairie, QuickBooks and more.

ERP Selection Support – The selection of a new ERP system is the most critical IT decision your organization will ever make. TwinEngines can use our years of ERP integration experience to guide your selection process. Our approach is 100% impartial and is based on a best practices approach.

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Your business must adapt your operations to the software instead of the software supporting the way you do business.


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