For small and mid-market manufacturers, digital transformation is no longer a goal – it’s a business reality.

TwinEngines unifies your ERP, CRM, financial, and operational systems to get your systems and workflows talking to one another.

We capture the way your business works and then build an integrated technology platform that accelerates your business processes to unlock growth. When everyone is connected in real-time, you can achieve scalable growth, enhance productivity, and boost revenue. Learn more about ERP Integration.

Our Services

Digital Strategy

  • Strategic Consulting —  We offer executive-level strategy consulting backed by 25+ years of experience in workflow modeling, business process reengineering, technology architecture, and culture change.
  • Business Process Modeling —  By mapping every system, process, role, and method in your business, we design and build an end-to-end enterprise solution that aligns with your proprietary manufacturing operations.

Digital Solutions

  • Targeted Applications — We develop purpose-built applications for business operations, mobile, shop floor, customer & vendor portals, and KPI dashboards.
  • Connecting Existing Apps — We leverage your investment in existing business apps through cloud connectivity, Web interfaces, and API extensions.
  • Cost-Efficient Approach — Our pre-built modules and integrations speed development for cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

System Integration

  • Leveraging APIs — We leverage APIs to fill the gaps between your stand-alone systems, operational processes, and cloud/web services such as payroll, shipping, sales tax, social, geolocation, and more to integrate with your ERP.
  • Data Integration — We integrate siloed data from multiple sources including on-premise, cloud, IoT, and shop floor to extend your ERP and serve as a single integrated platform.


  • ERP Integration— We Integrate your business and operational systems by developing external apps, connecting APIs, and filling system gaps.
  • ERP Implementation — We provide ERP implementation and strategy, data migration, advisory services, facilitation, project management, and more.
  • All Major ERP Systems —  including MS Dynamics 365, Epicor & Prophet 21, Plex, Fourth Shift, Infor, Viewpoint, JD Edwards, Macola, and more. LEARN MORE.

Data Analytics

  • Business Insights — We leverage our technical/analytics skills to deliver deeper insights from your business data.
  • Data Unification — We merge data from multiple sources, including on-premise and the cloud, to support business strategy and decision-making.
  • Analytics Services — Services include data warehousing, report development, analytics tool development, dashboards/KPIs, and more to surface the information needed to make business decisions.

Continuity & Support

  • Ongoing Support — We bring over 25+ years of experience delivering support to our customers through our proven method.
  • Continuous Improvement — We help you respond quickly to shifting priorities and changing markets while working to protect your long-term technology investment.
  • Long-Term Partnership —  As your technology partner, we augment your IT staff with a predictable budget and support your business for the long term.

Ready to align your information systems with your business operations?

Discuss your operational goals
with a digital transformation consultant.

TwinEngines, Inc.
154 Krog Street NE, Suite 140
Atlanta, GA 30307
Phone: 404.522.4262

Discuss your operational goals with a digital transformation consultant

TwinEngines, Inc.
154 Krog Street NE, Suite 140
Atlanta, GA 30307
Phone: 404.522.4262