Product Configurators: ERP Extensions that Speed Production Workflows

Mar 23, 2023

Web-based product configurator tools integrated with ERP systems enable manufacturers to effectively quote and process work for engineer-to-order and configure-to-order products. 

They replace spreadsheets and provide guided selling features, one-time data entry, and build validations.  Extending ERP and CRM systems where customers, distributors, and sales staff can configure products on the web reduces administrative costs, speeds the flow of work, and increases revenue opportunities.

Here are five ways a product configurator tool integrated with your ERP system improves the quote-to-production workflows for manufacturers:

Simplify Quote Process

Quickly configure products that meet customers’ unique needs. Rules are based on component mix, product type, services, customer, distributor, size of the order, and other unique business drivers.

Improve Flow of Information

Automatically create engineering masters, parts and sales, and work orders in your ERP system only when work is awarded, dramatically reducing manufacturing lead times.

Establish a Rhythm with Customers

Develop a predictable, repeatable quote-to-production process so customers confidently include your quotes and deliveries in their project plans with tight turnaround times.

Real-Time, Right-Time Data Validation

Automatically validate the accuracy of the build information entered by customers, distributors, and sales employees, reducing rework and waste on the shop floor.  Make all quote information visible to the management team.

Easily Manage Rules and Pricing

User-friendly administration so non-technical users can maintain validation rules and pricing formulas without needing IT.  Role-based permissions give the proper employees the agility, with controls, to override default pricing.

 What is the Right Product Configurator for Your Company?

Ask for a demonstration of the ERP vendor’s configurator using your actual products.  The ERP vendors build their tools to serve the broadest base of companies and not specifically yours, so more energy is often spent trying to figure out how to make it fit than on what you actually need.  Third-party, off-the-shelf product configurators include so much functionality that you buy, but never use.  A scalable product configurator built just for your workflows that integrates with your ERP system may be the better approach.

Simplify the Quote Process, Improve Flow of Information,  and Establish a Rhythm with your Customers.


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