Technology that’s purpose-built
for the way you work.


Your business is unique…
your software should be as well.

TwinEngines unifies your ERP, CRM, operational systems, specialized apps, shop floor, and mobile while connecting everyone in real time.



 The TwinEngines Business Process Platform™ aligns with the processes of manufacturers, supply chain, and specialty contractors. LEARN MORE >>

Technology that grows with you.

Enable Scalable Growth

BUILD the platform for ongoing scalability and growth.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

CAPTURE the 20 percent efficiency that sets your organization apart.

Fill ERP Gaps

ADD the functionality missing from your current systems.

Provide Realtime Visibility

GIVE everyone in the organization access to every job and its status.

Connect All Processes

CONNECT internal and external processes throughout
your organization.

Increase Velocity

ACHIEVE faster throughput with less waste while engaging customers

Digital Transformation Case Studies

Staci Americas

Staci Americas

Logistics and Fulfillment
Shipping more than 50,000 orders daily using multiple carriers and nationwide warehousing, fulfillment, and logistics centers.

Conklin Metal Industries

Conklin Metal Industries

Metal Distribution & Fabrication
Conklin Metal filled ERP gaps and provided focused tools for employees with API-connected Web applications .

Real-World Results

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